Mentoring 2 – Charlotte, NC

January 31, 2019 – February 2, 2019 all-day
Engel Institute Dental Center
9330 Center Lake Dr. Suite 210 Charlotte
NC 28031
Engel Institute
(877) 339-4537

M2 Implant Mentoring II 24CE

Live surgical procedures by attending registered dentists on their own pre-selected patients.

Mentoring II is a continuation of the journey you began in Mentoring I. This course includes lecture on anterior placement & esthetics, grafting & complications to further your knowledge of the art of Implantology.

Live Extraction and Socket Grafting procedures will be performed by registered attending doctors.

**Included in the course fee will be course lecture on USB, all necessary hands-on materials, Implant for live surgery and meals (breakfast & lunch).

Day One

  • Implant complications, identification, strategizing the diagnosis, treatment
  • Gingival anatomy, gingival histology and blood supply
  • Flap design consideration, anatomical landmarks, incision design and primary closure
  • Suturing, materials, needles and techniques

Day Two

  • Autogenous gingival grafting, case selection, preparation of recipient bed, graft harvesting, graft suturing, post-op care
  • Connective tissue grafting case selection, preparation of recipient bed, graft harvesting, grafts suturing, post-op care
  • Soft tissue procedures for implants, second stage surgery, gingival grafting, connective tissue grafting, implant placement to minimize recession
  • Introduction to implant case selection procedures and protocols
  • Hands-on pig jaw workshop for flap design, soft tissue grafts and suturing

Day Three

  • All attending registered doctors will have the opportunity to perform the following procedures with a supervising mentor;
    • Extraction
    • Bone Grafting Placement
    • Membrane Placement

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