Would you want to wear a removable partial denture?

Placement of a Straumann BLT implant is the best mode of treatment to restore an edentulous space.

The edentulous site is evaluated using the Engel protocol.  A 5mm ball bearing from Salvin Dental helps to determine the amount of vertical bone available.

The Straumann burs have clear markinsg on them to determine the precise depth of the final implant. Note, the apices of the adjacent roots serve as a good guide to proper, safe depth.

The implant is placed at the crest. Since it is torqued beyond 25Ncm a healing abutment is placed, eliminating the need for future anesthesia and uncovering.

After approximately 3 months of integration, the healing abutment is removed and replaced with an impression coping. The radiograph ensures a complete seating of the coping.

The dental laboratory fabricated a screw-retained Bruxzir crown and provided a seating jig so the abutment screw can be torqued to 35Ncm.

The healing abutment is removed and the healthy tissue cuff created evaluated.

The screw-retained crown is seated. Note, the ideal positioning of the implant and access hole in the crown when following the Engel Institute surgical protocol.



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