Non-Restorable Teeth are Routinely Treated with Straumann BLT Dental Implants

Non-restorable teeth are atraumatically removed and Straumann BLT dental implants strategically placed 1mm subcrestal in the socket site.

After integration, Straumann impression copings are verified with a digital radiograph.

Taller healing abutments replace the flat closure caps to eliminate the need for future uncovering of the implants.

The dental laboratory fabricates two screw-retained implant crowns.  The healing abutments are removed showing a healthy gingival cuff with adequate attached gingiva on the facial aspect of the implants.

The implant crowns are seated and then torqued to 35Ncm using a seating jig to eliminate any chance of rotation upon torquing.

The access holes are covered over with composite resin.

The final radiograph illustrates a nice functional restoration.


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